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Includes adult and young adult fiction and nonfiction titles in a variety of genres. Most audiobooks are unabridged and are in the following formats: Books on CD, Books on MP3-CD, and Playaway (a portable audiobook player).

Includes recent hits and classic feature films in a variety of genres, as well as Binge Boxes, TV series, foreign films, documentaries and educational titles.

Includes blues, classical, country, folk, holiday, jazz, pop, R&B, rap, religious, rock, and world music as well as soundtracks, spoken word, and sound effects.

Please note: Children’s audiobooks, DVDs and Music are found in the Children’s Department.

Video Games
Includes games for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox, Sony Playstation 2, 3, and 4, Nintendo Wii and WiiU, and Nintendo DS and 3DS.

Learn a Foreign Language
Mango Languages is an online language-learning database that can help you learn foreign languages. There are 72 languages for English speakers to learn as well as 19 languages for English as second language speakers. In addition to Mango Languages database, we also offer audiobooks and DVDs to aid in learning over 25 foreign languages.

Oral History Collection
Chester County Library has a set of oral history taped interviews with local residents recalling some of Chester County’s rich history. Tapes and their transcripts are available upon request for in-library use. These tapes and transcripts are also available at the Chester County Historical Society.